donderdag 21 januari 2010

"Ik hou van jullie"

Zenit meldt dat een week na de aardbeving een reddingsteam onder het puin van het bisdomkantoor tegenover de kathedraal van Port-au-Prince een 69-jarige vrouw, Enu Zizi, levend heeft teruggevonden.
She said that after the disaster, she exchanged conversation with a vicar who was also trapped, until he fell silent after a few days, AP reported.
As Zizi waited, she prayed. "I talked only to my boss, God," she said. "I didn't need humans anymore."
Zizi's first words to her rescuers were, "I love you."
After being dug out of the rubble, the Haitian Catholic was pronounced dehydrated by doctors, with a dislocated hip and a broken leg, but otherwise fine.

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