zaterdag 13 maart 2010

Europa gaat aan traagheid ten onder

Thorough, maar niet leuk artikel van John Carter over 'Nederland, euthanasieland', op de website van First Things.
Wel leuk stuk van Spengler (= David Goldman) over de grote Europese ziekte waar het euthanasiasme slechts een symptoom van is: accidia, traagheid.
Dante Alighieri didn't know the half of it. The wolf that barred his way in the Wood of Error at the outset of his Divine Comedy represents Lust, who never satiates her dreadful appetite and is hungrier after feeding than before. [...]
Lust is the least of the problems in 21st-century Europe. The insatiable predator whom feeding makes more ravenous is not sex, but sloth. Dante doesn't condemn the slothful to Hell; we find them instead in Purgatory, with eventual hope of entry to Heaven. Among the risk-averse Europeans, who favor nanny-state paternalism, the most risk-averse choose to work for state monopolies. But the global economic crisis has shaken the foundations of state finances in Europe, and bloated entities such as France Telecom must adjust. A consistent pattern informs the suicide notes of France Telecom workers: the fear of downsizing, demotion and reassignment is too much for them to bear. The desire for security is an addiction: the more security one obtains, the less secure one feels...

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