donderdag 19 april 2012

Spengler: "In Nederland was de katholieke Kerk de sterkste bondgenoot van de joden in de strijd tegen de (seculiere) vervolging"

Opstekertje voor de bisschoppen van Nederland, getekend door David J. Goldman:
Chris Rutenfrans, the editorial page editor of the Dutch daily De Volkskrant, has forwarded to me the Dutch Catholic bishops’ statement of June 1, 2011, on the matter. The Dutch Church wrote, “To many Jewish Dutchmen, ritual slaughter is essential to religious life. A prohibition would make it impossible to them to live according their religious tradition which they have been able to maintain for centuries in the Netherlands. The suffering of animals should be avoided. In this case we think freedom of religion is more important.” The Catholic Church was our strongest backer against persecution in Holland (just as the British bishops were our strongest allies when the English courts denounced matrilineal determination of Jewish identity as racist in 2009).

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