dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Een trek van liefde zet het al naar zijne hand

“Today, the term “love” has become one of the most
frequently used and misused of words”*.
It is difficult to overcome this encumbrance if we are not willing to learn from experience. It is not uncommon to encounter people who doubt the existence of good, considering it to be motivated by one’s own interests, comfort, habits, etc. When, however, one experiences being loved gratuitously, as we all have, at least once in our lives, all these theories and interpretations crumble. If this occurs because of the disinterested gesture of another fellow human being, what will happen when we are faced with God’s charity towards us? It is for this reason that the Pope affirms that “God’s love is fundamental for our lives, and it raises important questions about who God is and who we are"*.
De hele tekst van de presentatie van het 3e deel ("Charity") van de nieuwe Engelse vertaling van Luigi Giussani's "Is it possible to live this way?" door Julian Carron, pr., in Dublin, begin januari, is hier te vinden.

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