woensdag 12 juni 2013

"If you ignore what really happened to give a lopsided view of history in the interests of political correctness, you can't blame [young] people if they move to something else that has a less critical view of itself"

Dodelijke kritiek van de anglicaanse bisschop van Pakistaanse afkomst mgr. Nazir-Ali op de culturele houding van veel westerse christenen. Bijvoorbeeld:
[Religious education in British schools offers] a smorgasbord approach in which you set out all the exotic things that people can taste but you don't give them a vantage point from which to assess what they are experiencing.
It would have been quite possible to take the Christian faith as a point of departure for studying other faiths in a constructive and open way, but this is not being done, so you can't blame young people for growing up without any kind of orientation.

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