zaterdag 1 juni 2013

"They act this way because they represent a former time, a time long past, that of deathly ideologues, a time when Man thought he was allowed all, not taking account of the humanity he would bestow on his children"

The truth is that we do not have the same notion of equality as our opponents do. Our belief, held by most of the country, rests first on the equality of children, equality before the right to have a father and mother, that is to say, an origin and real heritage, rather than a false heritage. Based on that we have come together as atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, right, left, straight, gay. For all, the truth that we owe to the child is sacred. We do not want children’s lives to be woven around lies, nor do we want gender studies ideology to triumph.
Engelse vertaling van de mooie speech van Ludovine de la Rochère, voorzitter van de Manif Pour Tous, tijdens de laatste manifestatie afgelopen zondag in Parijs (met honderdduizenden deelnemers).

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