donderdag 28 juli 2011

Uit een interview met de nieuwe aartsbisschop van Philadelphia, Charles 'Witte Veder' Chaput

The impression might be that Benedict XVI, by personally appointing you, expects from you great things.

Chaput: I think he expects from me what he expects from every one of his brother bishops: the humility and courage to serve the local Church well; to preach Jesus Christ without embarrassment; and to deepen the faith of the people. The Church is not defined by her problems.
It seems that a new brand of bishops is solidifying in the United States, neither "liberal" nor afraid of the world, orthodox but “proactive.” Are you too one of those?

Chaput: I hope I’m what God wants and the local Church needs. Labels are misleading. They give people an excuse not to think.

"Better rejected than ignored,” as Cardinal Camillo Ruini once said?

Chaput: Well, I suppose that’s true. Cardinal Ruini is a great churchman with a pretty keen grasp of human nature. But it’s even better to be “effective and forgotten.” We’ll all of us be forgotten anyway, so we might as well be effective. The only one who needs to remember us is God, and the only thing that finally matters is to be effective in the way we love.
(Sandro Magister)

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