donderdag 8 september 2011

Veel geluk, Angelique en Martijn!

The “eternal mystery of our being” is revealed to us by the relationship with the person we love. Nothing reawakens us, nothing makes us so aware of the desire for happiness that constitutes us, as the person we love. The presence of the beloved is so great a good that it makes us grasp the depth and the true dimension of this desire, a desire that is infinite. What the poet Cesare Pavese said of pleasure can be applied to a loving relationship: “What man looks for in pleasure is an infinite, and no one would ever give up hope of reaching this infinite.” A limited I and a limited you arouse in each other an infinite desire and they find themselves launched by their love toward an infinite destiny. In this experience, each of them discovers his own vocation. (Julián Carrón).

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